21st January 2020, Tuesday | 11:00 AM CST- 11:45 AM CST

SEC’s mandate of Inline XBRL for Accelerated Filers becomes effective in June 2020, posting new challenges as to how the filers prepare regulatory reports involving Inline XBRL tagging. Prior to Inline XBRL, preparers needed to process only that piece of document which was subject to XBRL tagging. For example, in a typical 10-K, approximately only 50% of the report would have financials and notes which would be considered for XBRL tagging. However, when the Accelerated Filers move to Inline XBRL, the entire document needs to be processed — thus pressing the need for an Inline XBRL capable Disclosure Management System to keep up with the reporting timelines.

As a global enterprise with 14+ years of industry experience, DataTracks helps listed companies in the US in their SEC reporting obligation. We have developed a software solution – DataTracks Rainbow, that best suits the different needs of the companies and ensures timely & error-free submission of reports with the regulator.

In this webinar, you will learn how DataTracks Rainbow will help you with:

  • Multiple ways of importing source data, including integration with data sources
  • Collaboration and co-authoring in our document processor
  • Ability to restrict access to data and application modules
  • User-friendly XBRL tagging and smooth transition to Inline XBRL
  • Inbuilt validation of XBRL and Inline XBRL
  • Multiple output options for submission and review


  • Ajith Narayanan - Head US Business
  • Pramodh Vittal S - Head Opportunities and Product Design

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