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What is FERC?

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), is an independent agency that regulates the interstate transmission of electricity, natural gas, and oil. FERC administers accounting and financial reporting regulations and conduct of FERC regulated companies. Learn more


FERC adopts XBRL for utilities reporting

FERC has decided to implement XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) from 2021. Filing starts from November 2021 for quarterly reports and from April 2022 for annual reports. XBRL will make financial reporting easier for filers and help investors analyze financial and business information better. FERC’s transition to a standardized machine-readable reporting language is expected to decrease the costs involved in financial statement submission.


DataTracks’ solution for FERC reporting

DataTracks extends its flagship Data Point Model (DPM) based product ‘Glacier’ for FERC reporting. Glacier is extensively used by insurance companies and financial institutions in the European Union for preparing their regulatory compliance reports in XBRL.

DataTracks’ solution offers

  • Seamless transition from Microsoft® Excel (any spreadsheet) to XBRL
  • Ease of working with FERC templates
  • User friendly and self intuitive work flow
  • Collaborative environment
  • Information security
  • Easy integration of multiple data sources


Glacier for FERC

Our Value Proposition

  • Cloud based solution
  • Familiar template driven approach
  • Flexible data consolidation
  • Collaborative workflow
  • Comprehensive validation of reports
  • Automatic updates to taxonomy and validation rules
  • Extensive customer support during filing season


  • Spreadsheet based UI
    Glacier incorporates the digital spreadsheets that is similar to the structure of FERC templates enabling easy navigation and quick adaptability.
  • Role based access
    An administrator can limit access to a subset of user functions and accounts. This enables an additional level of security.
  • Version compare
    Users can compare two versions or reports within the same reporting period and between two reporting periods, saving review time significantly.
  • Inbuilt comprehensive validation
    Glacier can process thousands of FERC validation rules quickly and display the results online; results can also be exported for offline review. Users can filter and search hyperlinked validation results and navigate to relevant templates easily for a seamless experience.
  • Audit trail of changes at data point level
    Comprehensive audit trail captures user details along with date and time stamp for changes made at data cell level . Users can also export the audit trail report into excel for offline review.
  • Pass comments at data point level
    Users can discuss with each other through comments at each data point. An Excel version of the output is made available for offline references.
  • Direct submission to FERC
    Glacier’s filing module enables authorized users connect with the FERC portal and submit XBRL reports directly, ensuring integrity of filing data.
  • Timely updates to taxonomies
    New taxonomy versions and validation rules are updated automatically without the need for complex download or installation processes.
  • Hosted on a secure cloud
    Glacier is designed on a scalable architecture hosted on a secure cloud that assures high availability and keeps the application’s performance intact.


FERC forms covered by the XBRL mandate

Glacier works on a 5-step process to prepare your XBRL report.

Do not worry if your source is a simple spreadsheet, Glacier is just what you need for an easy XBRL submission to FERC.

DataTracks Glacier process to prepare XBRL report
Why clients choose DataTracks XBRl software and services

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