DataTracks announces plans to launch next generation “cloud based” XBRL Services

SEC Filings

We offer one of the most flexible, complete and cost effective financial reporting compliance solutions and XBRL services in the US today.

We prepare more than 800 XBRL Exhibits every quarter and more than 600,000 pages of HTML documents.

Building on this experience, DataTracks now offers services to streamline

  • Creating and editing compliance documents and managing the review and approval process.
  • Maintaining your XBRL taxonomy to accurately reflect your company’s financials.
  • Creating XBRL files according to the SEC’s specifications.
  • Managing the electronic submission process.
  • Create print-ready financial reports for publishing.

DataTracks Disclosure Management System provides an end-to-end disclosure solution for financial reporting and SEC filing. It is a cloud-based, single source system that can be used to generate multiple output files such as HTML, XBRL and PDF. Using this system, your team can create/ edit content, view HTML and create/edit XBRL tags simultaneously from any location. You have the choice of managing the reporting work either in-house or use our services at any time at no additional cost.

You create content and remain in control while we handle all, or as much as you want, of the XBRL /HTML work.

Some of the key features and benefits of our solution are


Feature Benefits Description
One document in the cloud Ensures consistency between XBRL & HTML outputs for filing and PDF output for publishing Any change made in the document will reflect instantly in XBRL, HTML and PDF outputs
Multiple authors from multiple locations Prepare your financial reports seamlessly. Save time through collaboration You can provide access to multiple people (including external advisors) from multiple locations
Multiple output formats Generates multiple outputs from the same source You can generate outputs in XBRL,HTML and PDF formats from the same document
Quick/ easy execution of last minute changes Near zero pencils down time No need to maintain multiple document masters before filing. You do not have to amend the HTML or XBRL tags
Assisted Service at no extra cost You do not have to learn the detailed XBRL tagging process We do the roll forward tagging. We create and amend documents for XBRL


We have XBRL experts who have experience in working with various regulatory environments (SEC in USA, HMRC in UK, MCA in India, ACRA in Singapore and Revenue in Ireland) various accounting taxonomies and various commercially available XBRL applications.

About DataTracks: DataTracks US is part of DataTracks Services Limited (, leaders worldwide in preparation of financial statements in XBRL and iXBRL formats for filing with regulators. DataTracks prepares more than 12,000 XBRL statements annually for filing with regulators such as SEC in the United States, HMRC in the United Kingdom, Revenue in Ireland, ACRA in Singapore and MCA in India.

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Media contact: T R Santhanakrishnan,  +1 (908).379.8788