FERC XBRL Reporting easily automated with DataTracks Glacier

Success in the world of compliance depends upon speed – on how quickly you’re able to assimilate, record, iterate, and submit validated, error-free reports to relevant regulators. Choosing the right application to handle the data enables your energy organization to move quickly while managing and mitigating risks.

DataTracks’ Glacier is your solution to ensuring data accuracy and regulatory reporting efficiency in a single cloud platform. Glacier uses the Data Point Model (DPM) to facilitate easy conversion of financial data into XBRL and make reports ready for submission to the FERC. With Glacier, invest your valuable time in the numbers, not in the process.

Glacier offers:

  1. Direct conversion from Microsoft® Excel to XBRL
  2. Easy data entry into pre-defined parameters from FERC
  3. In-built, automated tagging
  4. Intuitive preparer-reviewer workflow
  5. Automatic updates to taxonomy
  6. Data validation before the download of XBRL-ready file
  7. Direct submission to FERC along with attachments

Glacier can help:

  • Save time and relieve essential resources
  • Reduce human intervention and error
  • Eliminate infrastructure costs
  • Economize operational spending

Despite it being easy-to-use and nimble to work on, if any issues or obstacles bare their teeth, Glacier comes with round-the-clock support from a team of experts who help over 800 companies with their regulatory compliance requirements in the US. It will be fixed in a jiffy!

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What you’ll miss if you don’t attend

✓ The secret weapon used by finance teams of leading energy companies to simplify compliance

✓ The key to accurate and error-free reporting, mitigating risks, and ensuring monitored, data-driven reporting

✓ Strategies to leverage the best of technology to transform your bottom line and herald a profitable future for your company

✓ Interact with a seasoned compliance specialist

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