Understanding the modern regulatory reporting solution

In our previous blog, we walked you through what it takes to file your disclosures with the SEC and the impending challenges you may have to overcome. In this blog, we give you the solution.

What you need is a cloud-based software that can help streamline your report creation, enhance the collaboration within your team and simplify the filing process for you.   

Rainbow from DataTracks – Trusted Market Leader in SEC Reporting Solution

Convert information into insights, save time, reduce risks and produce error-free compliance reports with our cloud-based software, DataTracks Rainbow.

Astute Filing Solution

Rainbow automates and prepares accurate compliance and financial reports in multiple output formats like XBRL, Inline XBRL, and EDGAR HTML for filing with regulators such as the SEC. It supports the preparation.

Leverage Cutting Edge Filing

Over 250+ companies in the US trust DataTracks to help them solve their most complex regulatory reporting challenges. We have always risen to the challenge with extensive report collaboration and audit control features in our cloud software solution.

Diverse teams within the organization, such as reporting, compliance, and legal, can collaborate in real-time on both data and narrative. This ensured complete visibility and trusted data. The trifecta of a successful regulatory report submission – documentation, data aggregation, and process workflow, can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs.

Quality Commitment

You can rely on DataTracks’ Rainbow for accurate, agile, and reliable XBRL and iXBRL tagging. We have a team of dedicated experts who offer their experience and best practices to ensure the delivery of high-quality tagging, formatting, and testing for all SEC filings.

The Number Game

Rainbow allows instant updates to changes. This means that any modifications made to financial documents and external reporting data linked to the software are automatically reflected across documents and spreadsheets on the software. Any data or narrative can be shared and connected to the same source, ensuring data consistency across reports.

To have visibility over what changed and when you have the version control feature and backline comparisons.

Safe Productivity

With Rainbow, you can collect, organize and manage data from ERP and desktop systems. Secure cloud and content management pave the way for a seamless, worry-free extension of work with internal teams as an entire audit history of changes allow for efficient report creation.

Built-in XBRL and EDGAR enable you to create, tag, validate and file reports without leaving the platform.

Global Compliance

We have the experience and ability to service requirements for all required form types for FPIs. DataTracks’ solution offerings also include compliance standards for European and global regulations, including the reporting requirements for US GAAP, IFRS, HMRC, CIPC, and the approaching European Single Electronic Format (ESEF).

Are you ready to mitigate risk, increase productivity and deliver the most reliable and accurate filings? We have 2 options tailored just for you.

  • Fully managed  Services: A dedicated and experienced iXBRL expert will tag, review and help you file your document with the regulator
  • Just the Software: Freedom to tag iXBRL your way, but leverage an iXBRL expert if you need assistance

Would you like to know more about DataTracks’ solutions for SEC regulatory compliance and reporting? Schedule a demo and a 30-minute discussion with our in-house XBRL expert in SEC reporting. We manage over 250 clients and have helped prepare over 15,000 reports in the US.