SEC XBRL Reporting as a Managed Service – A catalyst for transformation

Organizations constantly strive to innovate, grow and adapt to their market demands to sustain in the industry. The financial impact and the economics of this development are always under the radar, with constant strategizing to ensure optimal growth. One essential facet of the strategy remains the eternal conundrum of resourcing as against outsourcing. In recent years though, there has emerged a third efficient route to solve this problem – managed services.

Organizations leverage managed services to help bridge gaps in internal competencies and adopt a more comprehensive, value-based approach to redistribution of tasks. Learn why this step makes sense and how to choose an effective SEC XBRL Reporting Service provider to partner with for your Regulatory Compliance.

The Why

Structural and operational transformation leads to your organization being agile. This, in turn, contributes to long-term stability and durability. Not to forget the importance of core operating profitability which needs a boost through strategic cost management.

This transformation may be integral in your risk management and regulatory compliance functions. The evolution of regulatory paradigms necessitates firms to prioritize strong institutional expertise in risk management, compliance, internal controls, technology integrity, and data management.

These processes are critical in business functioning, and managing them requires extensive resources, both internal and external. Regulators and the government continue to tighten the scrutiny around business function, requiring investment in essential resources and technology.

To optimize spending and not affect the bottom line during heavy investment in risk management and regulatory compliance, firms choose to bridge gaps in internal capabilities by using managed services.

Managed services are strategic relationships that are driven by experience and measured by outcome. These services require a high level of integrity in operations and scalability on the part of the external service provider in order to bring specialized skills, processes, and technology on the table.

But how do you choose the ideal partner? 

A track record is critical. The partner you choose should be an expert in the domain with a detailed understanding of the compliance, risk, and auditing functions. A managed services provider should also demonstrate expertise in process design and execute functions efficiently to limit risk, enhance auditability, and 100% compliant output.

Knowledgeable human resources and a process management team with access to flagship technology that bridges the internal expertise gap are essential. These resources need to be proficient in data handling, compliance laws, and detail-oriented troubleshooting when necessary.

Technology assessment ensures that they have robust, efficient cloud-based software to generate validated reports and simplify the filing process. It should help convert information into insights, reduce risks and prepare accurate compliance and financial reports in multiple output formats like XBRL, Inline XBRL, and EDGAR HTML for filing with regulators such as the SEC. It should be tailored to fit your organization’s trifecta of a successful regulatory report submission – documentation, data aggregation, and process workflow. Additionally a platform that facilitates easy online review of these output files would be essential.

A global footprint combined with the ability to understand the operational nuances of cross-border businesses could be an important consideration for large global organizations, which often have to deal with conflicting regulatory mandates and fragmented policy environments. The presence of their thought leadership in relevant risk or governance functions may also indicate a more vital ability to anticipate emerging business issues.

In the end, cost influences the decision, but the characteristics of successful collaboration, as outlined above, should take precedence as managed services are applied to critical functions of an organization’s operations. Are you ready to mitigate risk, increase your profitability and be risk-free through accurate compliance and disclosures? Welcome to DataTracks.

Our cloud-based SEC XBRL software RAINBOW can help generate accurate regulatory reports. We can help you prepare error-free compliance reports in multiple output formats like XBRL, Inline XBRL, and EDGAR HTML and submit them with regulators such as the SEC.

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