Eurofiling XBRL Week 2018 Highlights

The Eurofiling XBRL Week 2018 recently took place in Warsaw, Poland, between 28 and 30 May 2018.

The conference is jointly organised by Eurofiling and XBRL Europe. Eurofiling has been around since 2005, and seeks to encourage collaboration around European and National Regulatory Reporting and associated matters, whilst XBRL Europe seeks to “foster European XBRL efforts.”

The event explored topics including data, technology, and regulation, and how these areas can be used to tackle the latest challenges within the financial and regulatory sectors. What’s more, a variety of experts from a range of industries were invited to speak during the three-day event.

Over the three days, a variety of events and workshops were held at the headquarters of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Here are some key highlights from the conference.

Monday 28 May

The first day of the conference focused on tutorials, specifically workshops around regulation, technology, and data standards. As an example of the workshops that were on offer, the European Securities and Markets Authority led workshops around preparing for the European Single Electronic Format, which should apply from 2020, as well as a meet the market session for software developers on the European Single Electronic Format.

Tuesday 29 May

Tuesday was a day dedicated to the Eurofiling Workshop. The workshop gave updates from regulatory bodies such as the European Banking Authority, the European Central Bank, and the European Securities and Markets Authority, among others.

The day’s talks were divided into three different segments, with the “Main Track” focusing on keynote speeches and panels, whilst the other two areas focused on either technological updates or academic research.

Wednesday 30 May

On Wednesday it was XBRL Europe Day. The day focussed on the XBRL standard and its development, whilst also considering regulatory frameworks and technologies and how they continue to expand. Sessions discussed topics such as the updates to the IFRS Taxonomy, as well as the Regulatory Technical Standard in Europe.

In addition to the above, there was also a range of expert speakers in attendance to discuss the latest trends across the regulatory and financial sectors. Speakers came from a number of institutions, including the European Securities and Markets Authority, the Bank of England, XBRL Europe, and the European Banking Authority, among others.

The Eurofiling XBRL week came at a time when XBRL and regulatory matters continue to grow in importance in Europe. Aside from the upcoming European Single Electronic Format, other developments, such as the European Financial Transparency Gateway, and the Financial Data Standardisation Project, were discussed during the conference. The continued importance of such matters was evident by the fact that over 200 individuals across 16 different sectors were estimated to have attended the event.

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