DataTracks Slashes Price for HMRC iXBRL Services

DataTracks, a leading iXBRL managed tagging service provider in the UK, has announced a price cut for HMRC CT600 iXBRL conversion services starting April 2017. Launched in 2005, the company serves as a reliable, affordable and high-quality service provider of XBRL/iXBRL conversions worldwide.

DataTracks provides services to 3,000+ direct corporations and accounting firms in the UK every year, including 6 of the top 10 companies. These clients get immense value from outsourcing their iXBRL preparation work to DataTracks. With changes to accounting standards, taxonomies and validation rules and the introduction of MTD, corporation tax filers and small and medium accounting firms can find it challenging to handle this non-core work in-house. DataTracks has mastered the art of generating accurate iXBRL files accepted by HMRC through developing up-to-date software and deploying hundreds of accountants trained specifically in XBRL.

DataTracks’ new price list is available on its website and the rates start as low as £88 for accounts prepared under the new FRS standards.

“The recent price reduction was possible due to improved productivity using our trained accountants and improved software. We are a company that always passes on the value to customers as we attract more volume. We have just done that again,” says Martin Daniel, Sales Strategist at DataTracks.

DataTracks helps its clients manage their iXBRL conversion in three simple steps – (1) sign up, (2) pay and upload accounts and (3) download your iXBRL report. Customers can upload accounts in any input format, including PDF, and can choose a turnaround time that suits their filing timeline. As a recognised vendor of HMRC, all iXBRL output from DataTracks is compliant with the latest requirements of the tax regulator. DataTracks can also help customers prepare their CT600 form at a nominal charge, without having to shop around for tax software or another service provider. Corporate tax filers who have been affected by the recent changes to HMRC’s CATO system have found DataTracks’ services convenient and affordable.