Are your SEC compliance requirements bleeding money? Here is your XBRL solution

Government financial regulations are dynamic. They are constantly shifting shapes, taking new forms (pun intended), and raising the stakes of non-compliance. It takes a lot to play catch up. New departments, fresh hires, multiple cups of coffee, and a pocket that runs deep. Most often, decisions are taken to get an immediate task out of the way, even if that means burning a hole in that deep pocket.

But perhaps there is another solution? One where a single investment can get you a significant savings and reward, where you not only get to stitch up that pocket but also have enough to channel your essential resources (financial and human) towards business growth.

At DataTracks, we believe that behind every successful organization, there is an intelligent and proactive accountant. A financial expert who harnesses the power of technology to simplify work processes, optimize operational cost, and deliver reliable, accurate solutions at least expenditure.

We’ve met quite a few, and they’ve all been able to transform the way their organizations function by trusting in DataTracks’ service expertise. They have mitigated risk and leveraged 17 years of XBRL and EDGAR expertise by partnering with DataTracks.

How do we help?

Outsource your XBRL conversion requirements

We do the heavy lifting – selecting and mapping XBRL tags to financial reporting facts, creating custom elements and extensions, building the extension taxonomy, and complete the tagging. We will come to you with an error-free, ready-to-submit XBRL output. All you will need to do is approve.

Our experts use their financial acumen to ensure that data flows through your financial reporting value chain from bottom to top, producing iXBRL filings (Financials and Notes to Financials – with detailed tagging) in guaranteed Compliance with current U.S. GAAP and IFRS taxonomy.

Become agile without hiring expenditure

A new language leads to employing new people to understand, decode and use it appropriately. The quantum of financial data may warrant more than one employee too. With DataTracks on board, you can get the job done without having to spend on hiring. Entrust all the grunt work and the critical tasks to experts who come with the service package. This allows you to scale up rapidly, channelizing precious resources on expansion.

Ensure durable data security

At DataTracks, we do not have any third-party affiliations to carry out our tasks. We have developed our flagship software – Rainbow. This essentially means that your data remains strictly with us from start to finish.

To further preserve your financial data’s integrity and information security, DataTracks is compliant with ISAE 3402, SSAE 18, and certified ISO 27001:2013 standards. Powered by AWS, the most secure cloud provider in the market, the DataTracks environment is designed and built to meet rigorous compliance standards, including SOC 1 (formerly SAS 70).

Don’t pay for hidden costs 

Our niche focus of an integrated and automated XBRL conversion using our cloud-based application Rainbow allows us to give you precisely what you need and what you pay for, not an add-on service. Our in-house application provides us with the ability to provide you with a safe XBRL conversion experience and faster turn arounds.

Rainbow is the only one that has been developed to integrate any updates to taxonomy in the least possible duration ensuring no delays in filing. We work on and help you simplify 10-Qs, 10-Ks, 8-Ks, Section 16, proxy statements, tax disclosures, and 350 other types of SEC forms.


Leaning on the experience of an outsourced team of experts can help an overwhelmed Chief Financial Officer or preparer take care of their compliance needs without feeling perpetually pulled in 20 different directions. Mitigate risk and leverage 18 years of XBRL and EDGAR expertise by partnering with DataTracks. Entrust your SEC filing requirements with us. 

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