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Ways to Convert Financial Statements in PDF to XBRL Format

The SSM taxonomy has adopted 5,815 IFRS elements for the MFRS – Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards (for public companies and its subsidiaries) financial statements and 2,364 elements for the MPERS – Malaysian Private Entities Reporting Standard (for private companies) financial statements.



And issuers preparing their FS in the PDF to XBRL file format must know about these elements and get acquainted with the accounting standards to prepare error-free MBRS financial statements.

XBRL Conversion – Converting PDF to XBRL Format to comply with IFRS XBRL Taxonomy

These are a lot of elements to take care of and understand, but there are multiple ways to prepare PDF to XBRL file format reports hassle-free.


Option 1: Hire an In-House XBRL Expert

You can hire a full-time resource who has the experience and expertise to prepare ifrs XBRL taxonomy financial statements. These experts have the prowess and in-depth understanding of XBRL file format, so they can help you curate accurately tagged XBRL reports. And as far as software requirements are concerned, you can download and install SSM-MBRS’s free MBRS preparation tool. This tool is designed to assist experienced filers in preparing and generating MBRS reports from FS.


Option 2: Outsource XBRL Production

Hiring an in-house expert is a full-time commitment, which means you need to provide him/her office space, a desktop/laptop, paid leaves, and work. This turns out to be a hefty investment, which is why most companies prefer to outsource the preparation of XBRL to service providers like DataTracks. You send them the existing financial statements in non-XBRL file format, and they send you back accurately tagged and quality-checked XBRL files.


Option 3: Third-Party Software

If you prefer this option, ensure that the software has a feature that allows you to export data into inline XBRL. However, the challenge with this option is that you need to collate data from multiple sources, including accounting software, ERP, disclosure management, etc. And this can become tedious and complex very quickly.


DataTracks – The Ideal Choice for XBRL Conversion – PDF to XBRL Preparation

DataTracks, a global leader in XBRL services, can be the ideal partner for companies seeking to outsource their financial reporting process. The army of experts at DataTracks has 16+ years of experience in preparing XBRL reports for countries like the UK, India, Singapore, South Africa, and Malaysia. So rest assured, quality and error-free XBRL reports are the top priority. Moreover, the service provider is also offering a free XBRL pilot project. Share your financial statements in a non-XBRL format, and DataTracks will convert them into PDF to XBRL file format for FREE.

A simple and innovative solution for XBRL preparation is here. Speak to a DataTracks expert @ +60-392-126-125 or email at and make your way to error-free XBRL reports!

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