Are you overlooking the Key Benefits of Outsourcing XBRL Services?

XBRL filing and reporting is still in the voluntary phase in Malaysia. However, the cost benefits, the accuracy of services, and the increased efficiency of implementing XBRL reporting are hard to overlook.

Today, XBRL has become the most common reporting format in many countries; Malaysia is no exception. More and more businesses are joining the XBRL force daily and realizing the importance and benefits of outsourcing XBRL services.

Let’s discover,

The benefits of outsourcing XBRL reporting:

1. Focus on Your Core Business Process

This is perhaps the essential benefit of outsourcing XBRL services.

Spending time focusing on the core business operations will be more efficient. However, several other tasks need to be taken care of, like marketing, sales, operations, logistics, customer service, human resources, etc. Taking on the additional work of in-house XBRL reporting will only add to the burden. So, why not take the easy and cost-effective way out – outsource?

2. Reduced Labour Costs and Overhead Expenses

Hiring new employees and equipping them with the right skills can be expensive, especially for XBRL tagging. When you outsource, you save a substantial amount of money in labor and overhead costs. This also gives you staffing flexibility that doesn’t exist with in-house employees.

3. Save on Training Costs

Understanding the XBRL taxonomy requires unique training, knowledge, and skillset. You may have to invest in the education and training of in-house staff. However, when you outsource your XBRL reporting, you only invest in service providers’ fees. The effort and expenses to train and upkeep their staff are not your lookouts.

4. Save on Technology and Software

Setting up an in-house XBRL system requires a robust software solution and someone who can run it efficiently. This means additional infrastructure and software costs. You can save these funds by outsourcing your XBRL reporting services and investing in expansion or other business activities.

5. Access to XBRL Experts

Outsourced XBRL service providers boast of quality and trained XBRL experts. So you don’t have to lose sleep interviewing or hiring professionals who are well-versed with the MBRS system and the Malaysian taxonomy.

Looking for Quality and Error-free XBRL Services?

With an incredibly reliable XBRL partner like DataTracks, you can access quality service offerings and timely deliverables with decreased lead time; thus, making your reporting structure faster, better, and more efficient. Boasting 15+ years of extensive XBRL reporting experience, DataTracks has built a niche in this domain. So you can be rest assured quality and error-free services are guaranteed.

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