The Complete Guide to the Online Services by SSM

The Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) is more than just a website for the annual declaration of a business’s financial statements or registration. It’s the key to streamlining business processes and accessing business information online.

Learn about the online services offered by SSM and leverage them to streamline your business processes.

  • EzBiz

EzBiz is an online business registration portal introduced by the SSM to allow users to:-

  • Register a new business
  • Terminate and purchase business information
  • Register changes in business particulars like business address/mailing address, type of business, changes of information of the owner, etc.
  • Apply for business renewal
  • Register for business termination (only for active businesses)


  • MyCoID

By introducing the MyCoID portal, the SSM has opened the gateway to register a company electronically. Users can register and incorporate a company using the MyCoID portal in three simple steps:-

  • Register on the MyCoID portal, submit relevant information and make the necessary payment.
  • Wait for the approval by SSM
  • Receive notification of registration via email


  • MyLLP

The SSM introduced the MyLLP portal to enable easy registration, maintenance, and purchase information for Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP’s). It is a one-stop service for LLP entities that entails:-

  • New user registration
  • Application of name for new LLPs
  • Registration of LLP
  • Change of particular
  • Annual declaration
  • Change of name
  • Extension of time


  • e-Info

Launched in July 2006, the SSM’s e-info service enables enhanced user experience. Simply put, it is a web-based online self-help system that provides search and purchase of company/business information. By leveraging the 24*7 e-info service of SSM, you can obtain the following information easily and immediately:-

  • Company profile (ROC) and business profile (ROB)
  • Purchase other products such as:-
  • Images of Form 9, 24,44, and 49
  • Financial comparison
  • Company charges
  • Business termination letter


  • MyData

Founded in 2016, the MyData service from SSM provides users with a single, direct electronic access point to Malaysia’s official company registration offices. It allows users to easily search, extract, and purchase information online for all SSM-registered companies. What’s more, it is a convenient, easy, and quick way to access information, allowing investors and other users to make the right business decision every time.


  • e-Secretary

e-Secretary is an online registration service for company secretaries. It is an online application introduced by the SSM for registration to act as a secretary, a major requirement under section 241 of the Companies Act 2015.

Upon approval of the application, the qualified entity or person will be issued a practising certificate by the SSM and particulars of the approved applicant will be entered in the Register of Secretaries.

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