Outsourcing your AOC-4 XBRL during Covid-19 is the smartest decision. Here’s why!

These are unprecedented times and compliance departments across the globe are focused on navigating the new challenges resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Though governments and regulatory bodies have announced relaxations and deadline extensions, lockdowns and closure of office spaces could render existing arrangements for compliance reporting ineffective.

Outsourcing AOC-4 XBRL

In-house teams can work remotely, but the cost, the time involved, and the crushing strain on the XBRL team and other departments shall always outweigh the advantages of it all.

In such a situation, one important question is whether businesses can viably manage the challenges of XBRL conversion and AOC-4 filing with their existing internal set up.

On the other hand, engaging a service provider to manage your XBRL requirement removes the need for your constant involvement, allowing your internal teams to focus on core activities and dedicate time to only reviewing the final XBRL reports.

But robust data security measures and smooth communication flow between the outsourcing partner and the company’s team is crucial to preventing loss of governance.

Change control, IT controls, version control, review and approval process, validation and pre-validation of XBRL outputs are various aspects that companies should assess while choosing a service provider.

 Say Yes to Outsourcing and Bail Yourself Out from Worries!

Give it some serious thought and it shall become crystal clear to you that outsourcing is the perfect approach for error-less and hassle-free submission of compliance reports to MCA.

This is true especially in a dire situation as now. And, with a partner like DataTracks, which holds an illustrious experience of 15 years in XBRL services, you can keep all your XBRL conversion and filing related worries at bay.

Here are some reasons listed companies and other professionals who choose DataTracks to manage their XBRL filing requirements are better off

  • Strong business continuity plans
  • Nil interruption to services and support during the pandemic
  • No delivery delays reported, business as usual
  • Entire workforce operational from home but no compromise on data security and confidentiality
  • Continued support from dedicated account manager


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