XBRL Filing Frequently Asked Questions

You must sign up with us on our website by providing some preliminary information about yourself. You may choose your username and password to access your user login. You must place your tagging requests and retrieve the XBRL outputs through this login. You can register on behalf of a company, or a firm of Chartered Accountants, Cost & Management Accountants or Company Secretaries

After signing up and activating your account, you need to set up Entities. Entities are Companies that need to file in XBRL format with Regulators such as MCA.

The next few steps are simple and outlined below.

  • Click on “Place new Orders” and choose “number of entities “for which you require the conversion.
  • Select the “Type of financials”, Year”,” Accounting standard” and “Turnaround time”
  • Check out and Pay.
  • Once paid, you will be asked to upload the financial statements.
  • You will receive an order confirmation once file is uploaded.
  • Similarly an email will be sent to the registered email address once job is completed.

You can review the completed files and request clarification for your queries. We will be with you until successful submission with MCA.


You can pay using a credit card and debit card.

There are several reasons why your credit card may be rejected. May sure you have entered the correct credit card information. Also make sure that you did not use a debit card by accident. Sometimes a valid card is rejected for high risk or suspected charge. If rejected, you will either need to try another card, select a different payment option, or call your credit card company.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but DataTracks does not accept payments over the phone.

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