In-house preparation of XBRL reports for MCA Submissions worth your time?

With the mandate of submitting financial statements in the XBRL format, businesses are left with no choice other than to comply with MCA’s XBRL requirements. Now, the big question is whether to prepare in-house XBRL financial statements or outsource it to a reliable vendor to prepare error-free reports?

Why choose MCA XBRL preparation worth your time?

DataTracks is a leading XBRL conversion service provider and can help you with your XBRL conversion requirements. Outsourcing your XBRL needs with DataTracks is an intelligent choice during unfortunate times like work from home or post CoVid situations. Besides, with our XBRL experts, the extent of errors will be minimized when outsourced to us. Sometimes reviewing and tagging your XBRL reports in-house is challenging and time-consuming, which is why outsourcing your XBRL to DataTracks can help mitigate the last-minute rush.

Why do clients entrust DataTracks for outsourcing their XBRL needs?

  1. Work with a dedicated team of XBRL experts

Our core team boasts valuable experience across the financial reporting industry with a combined experience of over six decades.

2. Our turnaround time is the quickest as per industry standards.

We deliver within three business days for our clients, and our team is available round-the-clock during peak filing season to ensure timely submissions with the MCA.

3. Continuous support throughout the filing process.

We provide you with continuous support throughout the filing process without any extra costs for the amendments, if any. While work is in progress, reviewing a document ensures that the report is error-free

Is outsourcing XBRL preparation worth your time?

Definitely, Yes!

By choosing a vendor partner like DataTracks, you can save your company’s costs and prepare error-free XBRL reports for submission to MCA. Our team boasts over 16 years of extensive financial reporting experience, especially for meeting XBRL requirements for regulators worldwide. We strive to deliver the best and most efficient solutions for all your compliance reporting needs.

DataTracks, with solid business continuity plans in place, our operations remain uninterrupted, with all our employees safely working remotely. We have got you covered if you have any XBRL compliance requirements.

DataTracks is ISO 9001:2015 certified for Quality and ISO 27001:2013 certified for Information Security.

If you would like to discuss with an XBRL expert from our team about streamlining your financial reporting strategies, drop a line at, and we shall schedule a meeting at a mutually convenient time, or you can call +91-44-4208 1719.

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