New Update on the CIPC’s eService Portal

The CIPC continually strives to improve the functionality and user experience for its users. In its endeavour to do so, the CIPC has introduced a new functionality wherein users can now register co-operatives electronically. What’s more, is that members of the co-operative may request copies of financial records or extract records after making a payment of R175, that is the cost of registration.

The eServices Portal and Its Uses

Ranging from getting the latest updates on compliance and regulations to submission of financial statements in the iXBRL format, the eServices portal of the CIPC has been assisting South African companies since inception.

Most commonly, the E-services portal of CIPC is used for:-

● Company registration

● Director Amendments

● Annual Returns

● Name Reservations

● Member Amendments

● Auditor Changes

● Company Name Changes

● Financial Year End Changes

● Address Changes

● Enterprise Enquiry

● Name Transfer

What’s New?

Considering the current pandemic situation, the CIPC has come up with an online method wherein issuers can register co-operatives in just a few clicks. With this new addition, the users can not only register co-operatives online but also request for co-operative documents by following the below steps:-

Step1: Register as a customer. If you are already a customer, you can proceed directly to step 2.

Step 2: Log in to your account, deposit R21-50 plus R1 per copy for documents required into the CIPC bank account.

Step 3: Apply for co-operative disclosure documents by printing and completing form CR13, post which you can scan and email the form to with attached supporting documents including a certified ID of customer code and a power of attorney (if applicable).

Note: The registration process begins with the customer using his/her email address as a username to login to the CIPC’s eServices portal. Customers who are already registered with CIPC can use the identification number provided to them to retrieve and migrate information to the new Portal.

For more information about the eServices portal and how to transact under “New eServices,” please refer to the CIPC’s website.

South African companies and issuers need to stay on top of their financials and compliances with the CIPC. To get the latest news on CIPC amendments and updates, please follow the DataTracks blogs.

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