How Outsourcing iXBRL Conversion is a Better Option in this Post Covid-19 Situation ?

Are you looking to hire an in-house iXBRL team for filing returns with CIPC?

Have you taken into account the recruitment costs, training expenses, costs of tech support systems, and other overhead charges that you’ll have to incur?

The mandatory iXBRL format filing of financial and accounting reports attuned to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) makes it vital for all levels of organizations to have a sound iXBRL conversion and filing team.

However, appointing an in-house team of professionals may not prove lucrative and can yield greater expenditure with far lesser advantages.

Outsourcing iXBRL conversion services to master specialists in the field can reap greater benefits while saving your business a fortune.

Here, we give you four hard facts to convince you that outsourcing iXBRL can cut considerable costs, directly and indirectly, for your company:-

1. Cost of Hiring and Training

Talent acquisition is an expensive process! There are multiple costs involved in recruiting adept iXBRL professionals apart from the surplus costs involved in their in-house training.

Hence, when you choose to outsource, you do not expend your valuable resources, i.e., time, money, and personnel in searching, hiring, and training professionals. In fact, you are leveraging the services of experienced and seasoned teams that your outsourcing partner employs.

2. Software Purchases & Time Strayed due to its Frequent Upgradations.

Hiring a domestic team will require high-end tech support in terms of physical infrastructure, dedicated software, supporting IT teams to mitigate troubleshoot problems, and other overheads.

Outsourcing it to an expert iXBRL conversion services provider can eliminate the need for additional hardware and software purchases and the associated costs in terms of time lost while waiting for upgrades, re-training, etc.

3. Hefty Price Paid Due to Time Involved in Non-Core Business Tasks

“Do what you do best, outsource the rest,” said Peter Drucker, a great contributor to the founding principles and philosophies of the modern business corporation.

You are devoting valuable time and resources to activities that your business does not expertise in leads to greater expenditure.

However, outsourcing it to iXBRL conversion experts can help you get superlative solutions at competent prices in addition to saving many other associated costs for your company.

4. Additional costs incurred due to inaccurate iXBRL conversion.

In house team, lack of proper training of the iXBRL software, and understanding of core concepts, absence of multiple level quality checkpoints, or the CIPC-compliant inadequacies, can all lead to disastrous consequences.

Thus, outsourcing iXBRL conversion and filling to a dedicated services company can waive off all such inefficiencies and chances of errors, saving huge amounts of time, money, and other resources for the businesses.

The Thrust of Outsourcing

It requires expertise, prowess in understanding concepts of CIPC taxonomy, and in-depth study of IFRS standards to facilitate high-quality iXBRL conversion and reports. A market leader in iXBRL services in South Africa, DataTracks is the foremost outsourcing choice for large, medium, small companies alike. Get in touch with us at  and save significantly on costs incurred on iXBRL conversion.

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