CIPC’s New and Better e-Services Portal is Here.

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) continuously make efforts to simplify the process of iXBRL filing with the regulator. To achieve this objective, the CIPC has been developing a new version of its e-Services portal for quite some time. 

CIPC’s e-Service and Biz Portal Enhancements:

The new e-Services portal has a “look-and-feel” totally different from the previous versions of e-Services. The portal will include a new process for filing Annual Returns (AR), filing Annual Financial Statements (AFS) and Financial Accountability Supplement (FAS) on a stand-alone basis, and disclosing previously filed AFS. Let’s dive in to understand the distinguishing features of the new e-Services portal for iXBRL filing and much more. 

When Will the New Portal Become Available to Users?

The CIPC’s ICT department has confirmed that the new e-Services portal will be available from 19th December 2022. The URL to access the portal will be the same as before. 

Refer: CIPC’s Enhanced E-Services and Biz Portal Platforms 

What are the Notable Differences in the New Filing Process?

There are some differences in the new e-Services portal that makes it different from the previous versions. These differences include the following:

  1. Users will not be able to login into the portal using their current customer codes. They will have to register again with new login credentials based on their ID or passport numbers. 
  2. Unlike the current payment method via a payment account, all future payments will be made via cards. 
  3. A new Public Interest Score (PI Score) Calculator will be included in the Annual Return process to determine the level of financial accountability reporting that a South African company needs to submit to the CIPC. 
  4. The portal will also include other accompanying questions for the system to determine whether the company needs to file AFS or FAS. 
  5. The new “Disclosure” process will allow users to access their previously filed AFSs by selecting them through enterprise number and financial year. After the selection, the user will have to pay a fee of R30 to receive a system-generated email with the relevant iXBRL instance file. 

Watch Video: CIPC’s e-Service & Biz portal Enhancements

 Checkout: CIPC Instruction Manual for Filing AFSs via XBRL – new eServices

Bottom Line

The new and improved e-Services portal will help simplify the iXBRL filing process with CIPC for users. Moreover, it will help them to disclose their previously filed AFS. If you have any doubts regarding the portal, you can get in touch with a DataTracks expert at +27-10-446-9061 or email The professionals at the company have 17 years of experience in creating error-free compliant iXBRL reports for over 21,500 clients. For more information, visit the DataTracks blog at

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