CIPC Update: Review of Companies and Close Corporations Enquiry

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) is unwavering in its commitment to continually enhancing its functions. Recognising the dynamic nature of business and intellectual property landscapes, CIPC proactively seeks opportunities for improvement and innovation. Through its constant efforts, CIPC aims to facilitate economic development, protect intellectual property rights, and serve as a trusted authority for companies and individuals seeking reliable support and guidance.

In one such effort to improve the efficiency of addressing customer enquiry, CIPC recently announced the merging of certain queues. The merging of queues will take effect from 11th July 2023. 


Categories to be Merged

CIPC is all set to merge different sub-categories related to company registrations and amendments for Companies and Close Corporations (CC). The following sub-categories will be merged to improve CIPC service delivery time for customers:





Merged Sub-Category

  • Companies and Close Corporations
  • Company Registrations
  • Bank-registration queries
  • Biz portal
  • Company Registration E-Services
  • New E-services (K2)
  • Electronic company registration
  • Companies and Close Corporations
  • Company Amendments
  • Changes to Company and CC names
  • Changes to share capital
  • Conversion from one type of company to another for the main business
  • Other changes to the MOIs
  • Company and CC names, Company Shares, and all other changes to the MOIs
  • Companies and Close Corporations
  • Company Amendments
  • Changes to the location of company records
  • Company and CC address change
  • Company and CC financial year-end
  • Location (Cor22), Company and CC addresses and financial year-end


Please Note: The changes will only be made to sub-categories. There are no changes in department and category. 

Bottom Line

In line with the CIPC’s efforts to offer more reliable support and guidance to companies and close corporations, merging the above-mentioned sub-categories is a much-needed step. By merging these sub-categories under one head, CIPC will improve its effectiveness in addressing queries and reduce service delivery time.  

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