Do NPC’s in South Africa Mandated to Comply with CIPC Filing in 2024?


Are you considering the question about CIPC filing in South Africa for your NPC or Non-profit companies? You are on the right page, then!

Yes, all Non Profit Companies registered in South Africa are mandated to file the Annual Financial Statements with CIPC in iXBRL format (electronic format) with IFRS Full Financial Reporting Standard .

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission, or CIPC for short, is the regulatory organisation in South Africa that handles the administration of problems about companies and intellectual property. It monitors and controls several facets of enterprises and intellectual property in the nation. 

Under NPO Act 71 of 1997, Non-Profit Companies (NPC) must maintain proper accounting records. Sadly, about 67% of South Africa’s 2.23 lakh registered NPOs are non-compliant, failing to submit required reports.

What Are Non-Profit Companies?

Non-profit companies (NPCs) are established not to generate profits but to serve the public good and pursue social objectives. These organizations possess a legal identity separate from their membership, allowing them to function as individual entities. They are governed by the Companies Act of 2008, which lays down particular rules tailored for non-profit operations.


Refer: Department of Social Development on NPC’s in South Africa.


Good governance, transparency, and accountability are essential for NPCs to serve communities effectively.

We’ll explain how your unique NPC type influences your CIPC filing obligations, ensuring you don’t miss out on anything. 

Significance of CIPC Filing for NPC


For any Non-Profit Companies (NPCs) in South Africa, CIPC filing holds the key to transparency, accountability, and, ultimately, achieving their impactful missions. Consider the below perks of CIPC filing for any NPC:

  • This is vital for building trust, attracting resources, and ensuring your good deeds have a lasting impact.
  • By mandating the submission of yearly reports and financial accounts, CIPC filing fosters openness in NPC operations. This enables the public, government organisations, and contributors to comprehend how the organisation spends its resources and carries out its objective.
  • Filing reduces the possibility of fraud or poor management by holding NPCs responsible for their deeds and financial situation.
  • All NPCs registered with the CIPC are legally required to file these records under the Companies Act of 2008. Penalties for noncompliance may include fines and deregistration.
  • By maintaining their public benefit status, NPCs may be eligible for funding, tax breaks, and other advantages. CIPC filing assists in this regard.

Key points:

  • NPC certificates don’t expire unless deregistered.
  • Annual Narrative Reports with board info and activities are mandatory.
  • Annual Financial Statements, verified by an Accounting Officer or Auditor, accompany Narrative Reports.
  • The financial statements of these entities require an audit by a registered auditor or review by an independent accounting professional, contingent on the organization’s scale and its public interest score (PIS).
  • Maintaining adherence to the Companies Act, tax legislation, and reporting requirements is critical for continuous compliance.
  • Updating organizational details is crucial but may require documentation changes.
  • Non-compliance can lead to penalties or potential deregistration, so staying current is vital for NPCs.


How to Register a Non-profit Company with CIPC? 

Non Profit Companies to file AFS with CIPC in iXBRL format


At least three members are needed to register with SARS, DSD, and the Companies Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) for this type of not-for-profit business.


  1. Following a successful NPC registration, you can open a bank account in the NPC’s name. To avoid paying the current 20% donation tax, we strongly advise registering as a PBO and filing for tax exemption with SARS.
  2. People and companies will be more inclined to donate to your NPC because they won’t be subject to the 20% donation tax once your NPC has been registered with SARS as a Public Benefit Company and has applied for an Section 18a tax exemption status.
  3. Potential contributors will search the Department of Social Development’s database if you register your non-profit there. You will also receive an NPO number distinct from your NPC ck number.


Your chances of receiving funding are further increased because you are now answerable to a registration body.

Note: Know more about Section 18A of Tax Deductible Exemptions in South Africa.


Documents Required for NPC – CIPC filing in iXBRL Format

Documents required for Non profit Companies for CIPC Compliance filing.

The paperwork and procedures for CIPC filing can change based on your non-profit companies’s size, scope, and revenue. 


  • Each director’s certified identification documents
  • A certified copy of each director’s address
  • If the non-profit’s address differs from the director’s, certified proof of address is required.

Learn – How can a Non-Profit Companies file AFS to CIPC in iXBRL format?

How DataTracks XBRL experts can Help?

As a non-profit company filing an Annual Financial Statement (AFS) with the CIPC in South Africa, it is mandatory to employ the iXBRL format. Since July 1, 2018, the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) has mandated that eligible South African entities must submit their AFS using Inline eXtensible Business Reporting Language (iXBRL).

An iXBRL instance solution with both IFRS and GRAP standards is provided by DataTracks. All South African organisations who must convert their Annual Financial Statements from PDF to iXBRL format for CIPC filing can rely on our services. To ensure that your iXBRL report satisfies the CIPC Taxonomy Architecture, DataTracks provides both iXBRL software and iXBRL tagging services. We assist with the conversion and filing process to guarantee a successful submission with the regulator. Contact or call +27104469061 for more details.

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