Compliance Reports

XBRL Corporate

DataTracks offers cloud-based and desktop collaborative solutions that simplify the way organizations prepare compliance reports in XBRL format for filing with regulators.


XBRL mandates have posed stiff challenges to filers whenever they have come into force. Understanding the semantics of XBRL and keeping track of the stringent (and frequently-updated) validation guidelines is not an easy task. Filers need to weigh Time, Effort & Cost and choose a reporting solution that best fits their enterprise.

We understand this trade-off that you need to make. So, our solutions basket is designed to help you get your compliance reporting done, no matter what path you decide to take.

  • Full Service – You transfer your files via a secure FTP. We convert your files to SEC-compliant XBRL, acid-tested by an extensive list of validations. Our team of US GAAP experts is available round the clock during the filing season to ensure faster turnaround and error-free output. We allow any number of changes even to the last minute, till filing is completed, at no additional cost.
  • Disclosure Management System – You buy a license of our proprietary state-of-the-art Disclosure Management System and prepare your XBRL documents in-house. With an intuitive tagging feature and preventive validation mechanism, creating XBRL reports is incredibly easy. Should you need help, however, our technical support and accounting expertise is, of course, only a phone call away, at no additional cost.

Online Reviewer’s Guide

Review is an important part of the filing process. Even when generated from automated systems, it is prudent to review a document before filing. DataTracks Online Reviewer’s Guide allows collaborative review of filings to ensure that your filing is ready for release. It also ensures unambiguous accountability on the filing sign-off.

XBRL Mutual Fund

We offer the following services to Mutual Fund registrants who need to file their regulatory statements under Rules 485 and 497 with the SEC in XBRL format:

  • Risk / Returns summary in XBRL format
  • Professional review of tagged XBRL reports
  • Prospectus, registrations and annual statements in HTML/EDGAR formats

All of our services are processed securely with documented controls to comply with SOX requirements in mind. We can tag your filings using any of the existing commercial XBRL tagging software; or, we can tag using our prescribed commercial software.


We prepare regulatory EDGAR filings in ASCII and HTML formats and file on behalf of our customers with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States. We handle Corporate filings as well as Mutual fund filings.

We ensure:

  • Visual elegance that meets high standards
  • Structured layout that match your reporting preferences
  • Accuracy with the goal of zero error, at all times
  • Quick turnaround times
  • 24×7 support

Typesetting/Financial Publishing

We offer financial typeset services to Financial Printers, Publishers, Corporations & Mutual Funds providing “print-ready” output.

What we do is:

  • Manage and co-ordinate the entire project starting from receipt to dispatch of final files
  • Follow up to meet your deadline
  • Liaison with your team members to collate corrections
  • Have version control and page proofs throughout the entire production phase
  • Create templates and apply style sheets to generate print ready documents
  • Create custom style sheets or conform to your house style when generating output
  • Work with any off-the-shelf type-setting software such as XPP, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress etc.

We ensure:

  • Visual elegance
  • Structured layout that familiarizes users with the document, rendering navigation easy and pleasant
  • Accuracy, given the need to achieve zero error at all times

We typeset several thousand documents each quarter. We are partnered with major financial printers to prepare typeset documents.

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