Will Revenue of Ireland extend your iXBRL filing deadline?

Companies registered for Corporation Tax must file the CT1 Corporation Tax return form on an annual basis.  Companies are also required to file their financial statements in iXBRL format through Revenue’s Online Services (ROS).

The CT1 form and any balance payments must be made within the 21st day of the ninth month after the end of the financial period. If paying via ROS, filers get an extension till the 23rd day of the ninth month after the end of the financial period. Currently, Revenue accepts iXBRL financial statements before, at the same time, or after submission of the CT1 form. The iXBRL can be submitted at the latest within 21 days of the CT1 online filing deadline. Any late filing attracts penalties.

Following representation from the Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI), Revenue extended the deadline of several tax payers last year from 14 Oct 2015 to 31 Oct 2015 (Revenue eBrief No. 94/15, 24-Sep-2015)

The CAI has now made a representation to the Revenue requesting extension of iXBRL filing deadline by 3 months from the CT1 submission deadline in respect of accounting periods ending on 1 December 2015 or later. CAI has confirmed on several occasions over the last two months that Revenue has accepted their proposal. However, until an e-brief is issued by Revenue in this regard, tax payers will have to continue following the 21 day deadline for iXBRL filing. It is to be noted that this extension will have no bearing on the CT1 filing deadlines.

  Current Proposed
Financial year end 31-Dec
Deadline for CT1 and balance tax payment using ROS 23-Sep
Deadline for iXBRL financial statements 14-Oct 23-Dec

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