Prevailing Myths about Outsourcing iXBRL Preparation

A new mandate always comes with a buffering time to accept, implement, and deliver the output. Ever since iXBRL was made as a mandate by HMRC, filing in iXBRL has revolved around myths and facts. This document aims to give insights into the misconceptions on iXBRL filing and preparation.

Let us quickly go through the prevailing myths and the facts that bring light to reality.

iXBRL filing is a burden

Filing an iXBRL enables handling financial data that gains efficiency and improves the transparency of business information. Moreover, it allows auto-check information, thereby reducing the chance of error.

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iXBRL brings a change in accounting standards  

iXBRL is concerned with introducing machine-readable tags into business reports; however, it does not affect the nature and content of a business report. On the reality side, filing an iXBRL simplifies the process, but preparation requires an expert to work on this task to create an error-free report.

 Outsourcing is only about Compliance

Filing an iXBRL is not easy to post journal entries or ledger preparation; specialists must quickly analyze and deliver reports. This also needs stability between doing the process fast and providing the report with accuracy. Outsourcing is not just the ideal option; it is cost-effective as well. 

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