CbCR Notification: United Kingdom

Filing a CbCR or Country by Country reporting can be a complicated task. And when it is integral to submit the report in the UK, it is best to be fully aware of the HMRC CbCR requirements and processes to file the report accurately. While we have written other detailed blogs on these, this particular one focuses on directions about notification requirements for a HMRC CbCR report by a qualifying Multinational Enterprise (MNE) group.  The rules set out by the UK government are specific and use words and phrases which are taken from the OECD guidance.

HMRC needs specific CbCR details to be covered in the report:

  • The reporting period about the notification
  • Which particular firm in the MNE group will submit the CbCR
  • Whether any exception comes into effect
  • The names and unique taxpayer references of all the companies in the MNE group that have to pay tax in the UK are continuing institutions in the UK of group companies abroad or come under UK partnerships.

To avoid unnecessary replication of work, the parent companies (UPE) and United Kingdom Entities (UKE) will not have to submit this report if any UPE or UKE of the same group has already submitted a report with all the details needed. All that is needed is for the parent UPE or UKE to give the name of the UPE or UKE which has submitted the report and the date on which it has been submitted.

The last date for submitting the report is the later the end of the duration of the report.

HMRC has defined a template to design the notification for the notification to be accepted. A separate e-mail ID has been set up for this purpose, and all notifications are to be sent to this – notification.cbcrfiling@hmrc.gov.uk. The subject line of the mail has to cover the name of the group, the duration that the report pertains to, and the heading “year-end notification.”

To get enlisted to submit a report, the firm requires a Government Gateway user id and password, which can be created on enlisting initially. The Country-by-Country id has to be shown in the submitted report. This ID will show up on enlistment and be mailed to the company. Enlistment has to be done only once.

When a report is sent by post, it must be delivered to this address and clearly written on top of CBRC – “Country-by-Country Reporting Notification.”

For HMRC CbCR Notifications:

Business, Assets, and International,
9th Floor, Mail Point 3
Central Mail Unit,
NE98 1ZZ

If the UKE and UPE come under HMRC Large Business, a separate copy of the report has to be delivered to the Customer Compliance (CCM) Manager dealing with the UKE and UPE.

To know more, please refer HMRC – CBCR Guide

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