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Who has to File Financial Statements in the XBRL Format to ACRA?

XBRL is all about simplicity and transparency. 

Since 1 November 2007, Singapore-incorporated companies must file financial statements with ACRA in the XBRL format. 

Is your company eligible to file financial statements in the XBRL format? Read on to find out.

Who Needs to File Full Financial Statements in the ACRA XBRL Format?

Public or private companies required to file their financial statements with ACRA will have to file a full set of financial statements in the ACRA XBRL format.

What is a “Full Set” of Financials?

A full set of financial statements include:-

● Statement of financial position or balance sheet

● Statement of profit or loss

● Changes in equity

● Cash flow

● Financial notes or comparative information

Who Needs to File Only Financial Statements Highlights (FSH) in the ACRA XBRL Format?

Companies falling under any of the below-mentioned categories are required to file financial statements highlights in ACRA XBRL format with a PDF copy of the financial statements:-

● Commercial banks

● Merchant banks

● Registered insurers

● Finance companies regulated by MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore)

● Companies allowed by law to prepare financial accounts in agreements with accounting standards except for SFRS (Singapore Financial Reporting Standards), IFRS, or SFRS for Small Entities

Who is Exempt from Filing Financial Statements in the XBRL Format?

EPCs (Insolvent Exempt Private Companies) are not required but encouraged by ACRA to file a full set of XBRL financial statements of FSH in XBRL format with PDF copy. Furthermore, companies falling under any of the below-mentioned categories are not required to file in the XBRL format:-

● Companies limited by guarantee.

● Foreign companies and their local branches

Meet the ACRA XBRL Filing Requirements:

Is your company required to file a full set of financial statements or FSH in the XBRL format? If YES!

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