Preparing XBRL file – In-house or Outsource

We have discussed the ACRA filing requirements in detail, along with some things you should keep in mind when creating XBRL documents for the regulator. We have also talked about why XBRL is good for every stakeholder.

It is only natural that we now talk about your options (as an individual company or a company secretarial firm) for filing XBRL documents with ACRA.

Two ways to file in XBRL – In-House XBRL Preparation and Outsourcing XBRL.

In-house Creation of XBRL documents

If you choose to do in-house preparation and filing of XBRL documents, you must consider the time, money, and effort you will need to invest. XBRL has a steep learning curve. It requires deep expertise and commitment of resources to the XBRL filing process. The chief benefits of in-house creation are control over your data and control over your timelines.


Outsourcing is at the other end of the XBRL filing spectrum. It is a much simpler way to get your XBRL done. As opposed to in-house creation, outsourcing allows you to get your XBRL done only with an investment of money (not time and effort). An additional advantage of outsourcing is a better quality of output. XBRL vendors have the advantage of XBRL’s core competency and vast experience. They are up-to-date on best practices and know what works with ACRA.

third approach is outsourcing XBRL preparation for the first few years of filing and moving to in-house creation along the road ahead. This is easier than directly jumping into in-house creation because it lets you roll forward a lot of the XBRL tags from the past and only make incremental changes and additions/deletions of tags.

Whatever method you deem fit for your organisation (or for your client organisations),the bottom line is that XBRL expertise is needed. It is the price for a better data environment for the world.

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