Outsourcing XBRL Conversion is the Smartest Decision for Your Business during COVID-19 Lockdown Situation!

A highly qualified team of professionals with a profound knowledge of XBRL basics, taxonomies and a deep-seated understanding of ACRA compliance guidelines are some prerequisites for factual XBRL conversion and filing. Besides this, the team must be adroit with all the admissible software and must accommodate their timely upgrades for smooth functioning.
Further, with the COVID-19 outspread all over the world, the important and germane question here is – can the companies viably manage the challenges of XBRL conversion and filing with an internal team?

Even though the operations have been shut down, businesses can certainly hire an in-house team for XBRL services that work remotely, but the cost, the time involvement, and the crushing strain on the XBRL team and other departments shall always outweigh the advantages of it all.

The other approach is outsourcing!

Amid the Lockdown due to Coronavirus Outspread, Why is Outsourcing the Best Option?

Companies base their decision of outsourcing on two major factors: Cost and control over XBRL preparation. However, many marketers falsely believe that outsourcing can be expensive and impedes the administration of the company’s directors or top-level management on the XBRL files conversion and preparation process.

We are here to bust these two myths and convince you that outsourcing your XBRL conversion services is a wise and practical move that your company can make for stress-free XBRL conversion and filing, especially under the uncertain situation of a global pandemic.

Outsourcing XBRL Extricates Your Total Cost of Ownership

There are multiple ACRA guidelines that vary as per the size and the nature of the business operation. Apart from this, XBRL conversion requires high expertise, tenacity and accreditation on the part of the XBRL professionals.

Imagine the hulking costs that the companies have to bear if they choose the ‘insourcing’ path. Even if they invest significantly in hiring and training of the team, the world-wide lockdown and the lack of relevant understanding of taxonomies and principal subsets can lead to inaccurate XBRL conversion, ensuing in hefty penalties or rectification costs. Add to this, the towering expenses of associated infrastructural facilities and tech support!

All of these costs and so much more can be relinquished if they outsource XBRL conversion services. In exchange for a comparatively small service fee, you not only let go of the monumental outlay of recruiting investments, IT structures, and other costs, but you also save the highly valuable time of your team that can be more efficiently used in your other core tasks, leading to better utilization of your company’s resources, indirectly, saving tons of your money; that is the ultimate goal taking into account the downfall of the global economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Right Outsourcing Partner Can Waive Off All Your Control Concerns

Change control, version control, multiple reviews, approvals, and IT controls, are various controls that companies seek during the XBRL conversion and filing process.

Outsourcing your XBRL conversion services takes away the need for your constant involvement, but the company’s directors are always in the loop, as everything is approved and reviewed with them, turning the control concern inconsequential. Robust data security measures and smooth communication flow between the outsourcing partner and the company’s team helps overcome the fear of lost governance over XBRL conversion.

Say Yes to Outsourcing and Bail Yourself Out from Worries!

Give it some serious thought and it shall become crystal clear to you that outsourcing is the perfect approach for error-less and hassle-free XBRL conversion and filing services, especially under such a dire situation concerning the Coronavirus outbreak. And, with a partner like DataTracks, which holds an illustrious experience of 15 years in XBRL services, you can keep all your XBRL processing worries at bay. For more information call +65-31583654


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