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Converting AFS from PDF to iXBRL can Improve Data Quality

There are times when technology meets a significant milestone. And for South Africa-based companies, that milestone was the introduction of iXBRL for financial reporting. This was when digital transformation moved to the forefront of many organizations.

To avoid disruption, many companies have increased their focus on automation and technology.

Converting PDF to iXBRL Format of AFS:

This rapid shift from converting PDF to iXBRL format has become a blessing in disguise.

It offers a solution wherein massive amounts of financial data can be easily and accurately processed to identify insightful information. These factors help turn around the quality of your company’s financial data into a key competitive advantage.

Using Inline XBRL

iXBRL data are used by financial analysts, credit risk agencies, industry researchers, auditors, investors, regulators, and other users to gain insights that influence crucial business decisions. Companies that consistently report high-quality iXBRL data can set themselves apart from the marketplace. It can also benefit the investors more broadly because iXBRL data helps make better decisions.

iXBRL Data Quality

By imposing several quality checks, the CIPC ensures that data quality is maintained. Additionally, since the financial reports cannot be submitted until every quality check is met, regulators and data users can rest assured that it is error-free.

High-quality data allows users to quickly and easily analyze financial data without going back and forth from page to page, which is the case with PDF format.

How can a Robust iXBRL Tagging Quality Control Process Help?

iXBRL tagging is a compliance exercise. A robust quality control process with correct tagging can enhance the wholesomeness and accuracy of the reports. Although the iXBRL tagging is often applied at the end of the reporting process when the conversion is done from a particular format to iXBRL, companies should consider executing it with the same rigor as other reporting processes. This can not only help them maintain the quality of their financial data but also streamline their reporting processes.

How to convert PDF to iXBRL format?

Prioritize iXBRL Data Quality Now

As the use of iXBRL increases in South Africa, companies implement strong iXBRL quality review checks to help them manage their data effectively. With a partner like DataTracks, you can be market-ready to implement PDF to iXBRL format and leverage all its benefits. If your company ready to leverage PDF to iXBRL reporting?

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