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Back to Basics: What is iXBRL Format and Why Do You Need it?

iXBRL Format or inline eXtensible Business Reporting Language is a format that enables a single document to provide both machine and human-readable data. The CIPC introduced it to streamline financial reporting and enhance information communication between businesses and other financial information users such as investors, stakeholders, analysts, regulators, etc.

iXBRL Format embeds several “tags” that give meaning to the figures and statements furnished in financial statements in such a manner that a computer understands them. It does not change the financial information or how it is reported.

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iXBRL Format: Driving Financial Compliance in the Digital Era

Considering the impact of the iXBRL Format in improving efficiency when submitting Annual Financial Statements electronically, the CIPC mandated the digital reporting system for all eligible entities.

This digital reporting format helps companies file their AFS and transition from a PDF reporting format to a more structured and transparent format.

By introducing the iXBRL program, the CIPC aims to:-

  • Reduce the regulatory and compliance burden on businesses to report financial information to the government.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance and streamline the entire reporting process.
  • Provide investors with more transparent and accurate business and financial information for better analysis and decision-making.


Why Do You Need iXBRL Format?

Whether you are an investor, a regulator, or a business, the iXBRL format can provide several benefits.

  • The iXBRL format enables human and machine readability, resulting in a faster, more reliable, and more accurate reviewing and reporting process. As a result, the financial data is handled more structurally, improving analysis and better quality of information.
  • iXBRL enables business and financial information transparency to other users, like investors, stakeholders, and regulators. Structured and high-authority data allows for easy comparison of business reports and analysis.
  • With Inline XBRL, the possibility of errors is reduced significantly since the numbers are tagged on the document itself. So regulators can detect any inconsistencies or malpractice, or fraud.


iXBRL Format: The Only Way to Report Financial Statements.

Several financial and regulatory reporting regimes all over the globe have adopted the iXBRL reporting format due to the increased efficiency and high authority it offers.

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