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Companies House publishes XBRL/iXBRL company accounts to the general public.

Companies House has launched its Free Accounts Data Product in response to the market demand for company accounts data and to be consistent with the UK government’s open data agenda.
It is part of the Public Data Group (PDG), which aims to maximize the value and access of the data held by each member. In turn, it identifies and delivers efficiencies and synergies to reduce the data cost for the user.

Free iXBRL Accounts Data Product Launched in the UK

The free service is updated daily on the Companies House website as and when iXBRL/XBRL filings are received. It offers files (which are downloaded) containing the individual iXBRL/XBRL data of “all accounts registered the previous day electronically”. It also offers the previous year’s data available as monthly files.

Data is only available for electronically filed accounts, which currently stand at about 60% of the 2.2 million accounts Companies House expected to receive yearly. Please note that filing in XBRL/iXBRL format is currently optional for Companies. Companies that do not file in XBRL/iXBRL format would file their accounts in other formats like PDF.

The Accounts Data Product contains the individual data files of company accounts filed electronically and can be freely downloaded into a zip file. The individual data files available will be in either of the two formats i.e.

  • iXBRL format  – It is the downloaded format (.html file extension) required to submit the company statutory accounts to HMRC.
  • XBRL format (.xml file extension).

After downloading these electronic data files, you can view them using one of the following methods:

  • Open the file using Notepad
  • Right-mouse, click on the file and select “View source” to view it in your browser.
  • Use a commercial XBRL or iXBRL viewing software.

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