IFRS & US GAAP Filing (20-F & 40-F)

While Foreign Private Issuers using US-GAAP have been filing their 20-F/40-F documents in XBRL, SEC has recently mandated XBRL for all the Foreign Private Issuers who are using IFRS for preparing their financial statements. These issuers were exempted earlier from filing their statements in XBRL format.

DataTracks can help the Issuers in striking the right balance in financial acumen, US-GAAP and IFRS expertise, while simultaneously staying up-to-date with changes from the SEC, by offering a fully outsourced service that could help our customers achieve an accuracy of 97% and above in XBRL Data Quality.


  1. Hassle-free XBRL Tagging: Outsource inline XBRL/ XBRL tagging to our US GAAP, IFRS Financial experts
  2. Single platform: DataTracks uses the same platform to prepare both HTML (EDGAR & XBRL) reducing duplicate efforts
  3. Quick Turnaround Time: Our TAT is 3-8 hours for Edgar and a maximum 2-3 days for the first inline XBRL/XBRL draft
  4. Last Minute Edit: We accept changes/reviews till the last minute
  5. Filing: We file the XBRL, Edgar files on behalf of the client to the SEC
  6. Taxonomy Update: All taxonomy updates are carried out well in advance of the stipulated mandate


Note: For first time filers (IFRS) in Jan 2018, we recommend on-boarding their previous 20-F/40-F HTML filing into XBRL, 10 days prior to preparing the final XBRL instance for filing with SEC.

How IT Works

How DataTracks Inline XBRL Works

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