Form PF

As part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and the Consumer Protection Act, Investment Advisors registered with the SEC and who have an Asset under Management (AUM) of 150 million and above in private funds are required to file the Form PF on an annual/quarterly basis. The SEC and CFTS (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) enforce the complex Form PF that requires inputs from a firms Finance, Compliance and legal departments. To address the Form PF filing requirement in the XML format DataTracks offers a comprehensive Software suite that effectively documents and manages the Form PF reporting process.


  1. Interface: User-Friendly Interface
  2. Validation: Validation of all Form entries against the validation rules stipulated by SEC
  3. Collaboration: Connects users across departments
  4. Archiving: Stores Data for future retrieval
  5. Version Control: Easy management of changes made in the Form
  6. Audit Trail: Monitor changes made with high granularity


How It Works

How can we assist?

  • Committed and expert team of professionals
  • Augmented templates and quick turnaround time, suited for each client
  • Collection, process, and validation of data digitally
  • Cloud solution permits for review, updates by a user-friendly interface
  • Rapid deployment, flexible cloud-based solution thus enabling fast deployment



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