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XBRL data is standardized and machine-readable. The ultimate objective of the regulators asking for XBRL mandates is better insights – enhanced, quicker, more reliable data analysis. One serendipitous effect of such comprehensive XBRL data is that companies now have access to large amounts of XBRL data for use in internal analytics and reporting.

DataTracks believes in the power of data. Intelligence drives business and data drives intelligence. Thanks to XBRL mandates, that data is now available and usable.The onus of transforming that data into actionable intelligence is on us.

DataTracks’ new Business Analytics application allows you to

  • Use publicly available XBRL data to benchmark your numbers
  • Use all of the XBRL data that you produce, along with internal databases and spreadsheets, to create appealingand meaningful data visualizations for better insight
  • Create compact dashboards for quick overviews of large amounts of data
  • Create great-looking reports for sharing – with your team, board or even the outside world


  • Compatible with multiple data sources – XBRL (enterprise and publicly available), local spreadsheets and databases
  • Agnostic to XBRL creation software and to ERP systems
  • Minute user-control over visualizations
  • Effective access control to ensure data compartmentalization
  • Beautiful, intuitive UX

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