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Have you filed your Confirmation Statement?

Companies House and HMRC are having a busy year implementing several changes.

HMRC notified tax payers about withdrawing its free CT600 and restricting access of their new online filing system CATO to unrepresented companies.

HMRC also notified that support for old taxonomies UK GAAP and IFRS will be withdrawn by the last quarter of 2016.

Companies House (CH) notified that companies must start maintaining and submitting a list of People with Significant Control (PSC) starting June 2016. The PSC information must be submitted along with the Confirmation Statement.

The Confirmation Statement:

All limited companies in the UK were required to submit information about the company, the registered office, share capital and share holdings including information about directors and company secretary. This had to be filed annually through the Annual Return form AR01. The AR01 could be filed as a paper form at a filing fee of £40 or online at a reduced fee of £13. Effective 30 June 2016, the Confirmation Statement will replace the Annual Return. Now, why is the confirmation statement better?

Rather than having to file details yearly, you only have to check that the information available with Companies House in their registry is correct. You can notify CH of changes in some information like the SIC through the confirmation statement and for certain other changes like the registered office, you will need to fill a separate form and file it along with your confirmation statement. The fee for filing the Confirmation Statement will remain £40 for paper form and £13 for online. The onetime fee also allows companies to file as many confirmation statements within a 12-month period.

The PSC:

All companies must maintain a People with Significant Control (PSC) register from April 2016. The information will be updated and made available to public through the Companies House Beta service effective June 2016. For most companies PSCs will be

  • people with more than 25% of a company’s shares
  • people with more than 25% of a company’s voting rights
  • people who have the right to appoint or remove the majority of directors

The due date to file the confirmation statement and any related documents is usually a year after the incorporation of a company or the date a company filed its last annual return. The confirmation statement can be filed up to 14 days after the due date (grace period).

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