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DataTracks celebrates acquisition of 2,000 customers in Singapore

DataTracks, Singapore is a global leader in helping companies prepare compliance reports for filing with regulators such as SEC in the United States, HMRC in the UK, ACRA in Singapore, SSM in Malaysia, etc. DataTracks serves more than 16,600 customers in 24 countries, worldwide and is ranked within the top three positions for quality in the independent league tables in the United States.

The Singapore arm of DataTracks facilitates Singapore based companies to prepare and file their compliance reports in XBRL format with ACRA.

DataTracks Singapore, celebrating 2K entity filing with ACRA

The Singapore arm of DataTracks celebrates the expansion of its customer base to 2,000 companies filing with ACRA.

Companies in Singapore find it convenient and easy to set up an account on DataTracks’s online portal, upload their financial statements, and download the XBRL statements for filing with ACRA. Inputs can be provided in any format including spreadsheets, word processor outputs, or even scanned PDF files. The XBRL statements are prepared by domain experts fully familiar with the GAAP applicable to Singapore and are pre-validated with the regulator to ensure 100% acceptance.

A happy Singaporean customer, Dharini Jegadeesan, Corporate Secretary of Lanturn Pte Ltd says: “We have always enjoyed the working relationship with DataTracks. A stand-out quality of DataTracks is their amazing attention to detail, ability to deliver accurately and with the utmost professionalism, at all times. Their support system is great and their dedication to fulfil the clients’ expectations surpasses that of competition. As a corporate service provider, we don’t want to be associated with anything less than the best. We are very happy to recommend the services of DataTracks.”

Commenting on the company’s continued success, Founder/Chairman, T R Santhanakrishnan said, “It is one thing to keep a Singapore based business at global level leadership by serving more than sixteen thousand customers in twenty-four countries. It is another and very heartening thing, to acquire leadership in our own backyard with fellow corporate citizens of Singapore. The Singapore market is quite comfortable with online engagement and usage of our services, and we are happy that our customers find it convenient to use, and find the quality and price meeting their requirements.”

Arjun Ram, member of the Executive Board responsible for Sales in Singapore said, “We are happy to cross the magic number of 2,000.  It has been a long journey since March 2014 when ACRA mandated the filing of financial statements in ACRA XBRL format using SFRS taxonomy. Singapore is a very vibrant market with more than 128,000 entities registered with ACRA, though a much smaller number is covered by the current mandate. DataTracks is pleased to be part of this journey in facilitating the government and the regulator to acquire insight out of information quite rapidly”.

About DataTracks

DataTracks, Singapore is a global leader in disclosure management software and services. DataTracks serves more than 16,600 business enterprises in 24 countries, offering regulatory and compliance solutions. DataTracks has prepared more than 166,000 compliance reports so far, for filing with corporate and tax regulators such as SEC in the United States, ESMA in the European Union, HMRC in the United Kingdom, ACRA in Singapore, SSM in Malaysia, CIPC in South Africa and MCA in India.


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