Inline XBRL for SEC filings

Inline XBRL is finally here, following two years of indications from the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).The new Inline XBRL format looks likely to replace the existing XBRL mechanism for regulatory filing of accounts by public companies in the US. Though voluntary till 2020, Inline XBRL implementation is a major step forward by SEC towards achieving its primary goal of a single human and machine readable file to replace the existing practice of filing HTML and XBRL documents separately. Following the recent major update by SEC, DataTracks is proud to announce that it has integrated the Inline XBRL feature in its Disclosure Management System (DMS), a single-source platform for SEC filings. Users will have the option to download both XBRL and Inline XBRL outputs from DataTracks DMS.

For a demo of the Inline XBRL feature, please call 1800-937-9280 or email at Though Inline XBRL is voluntary till 2020, DataTracks recommends that public companies switch to Inline XBRL now and join hands with SEC to make XBRL compliance better and single source.

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