How it works

DataTracks Disclosure Management System (DMS) helps you manage the entire process of document creation through filing, either by yourself or by DataTracks. You may choose to perform EDGAR conversions for HTML and XBRL tagging by yourself or leave everything to DataTracks.

1. Set-up

After you sign up, we set up your company filings on our system. We also create Users and assign privileges to access/ edit the documents. We provide training, user guide and videos.

2. Document Creation

The collaboration and co-authoring feature in our application provides simultaneous editing and previewing of sections. Our Microsoft Word and Excel like platform will assist you in document creation.

3. Help button

Use ”DataTracks Assistance“ button any time to request assistance or pass the work on to us. For instance, you complete some part of a document and request our EDGAR experts to format to suit your house style or ask our XBRL experts to tag/ review and validate the documents at any time.

4. Transparent and Fixed Pricing

Our pricing is fixed. There will be no additional charge for using our services or additional training.

5. Do It Yourself

If you prefer, your team can do all the work by yourself using our software application.

6. Authorize SEC EDGAR Filing

Log in to your account. Click “DataTracks Assistance” button and authorize the filing with the SEC. We will file and send the confirmation to you.

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