Digital Reports

Digital Reports

The DATA Act 2014 requires US Federal Agencies and Departments to report their financial and payment information in a standardized format (XBRL). With our easy-to-use, scalable, flexible broker application (Digital Reports) for Federal Agencies, we help you map data from source systems to output templates, perform transformations, validate output and file with the Treasury Department.

How it works

Digital Reports


Easy adoption and transition

Connect to existing agency data systems with our solution to ensure easy adoption and transition

Click less, achieve more 

Autolink output templates through one-time implementation

Multiple output formats             

Submit in XBRL. View in HTML. Share in PDF. Analyze in Excel.


Create charts, drill down to greater detail and get actionable insight


Implement it in your private network

Concurrent review

Review any number of reports concurrently from multiple locations

Control versions

Maintain data consistency

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